Steam Showers

 Refresh - Reinvigorate - Renew - Replenish - Relax - Restore
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What are Steam Showers?

A shower in which is incorporated an additional facility of being able to produce steam so instead of just a normal shower you can experience extra pleasure by experiencing what in effect is a shower with a steam room incorporated.

Add to this the possibility of sensational perfumes such as lavender and eucalyptus and you can see why after a hard day in the office or gymn, the best way to relax is with an Insignia Shower.

The benefits of steam are well known and have been in used since Roman times. All sorts of wonderful cures have been attributed to the use of steam on the body including the improvement of the common cold. Certainly when used in conjunction with certain oils such as eucalyptus, breathing is improved even temporarily. Aromatherapy in your shower is available now.

Altogether a truly wonderful investment. Not just a shower, a new way of life .

Insignia Digital Showering

Digital Technology in your Bathroom

Complete showers units for your bathroom

Great Range of Colours and Stunning Lighting

£60 wine voucher with all orders!

We will send you a personal £60 wine voucher from Naked Wines for all confirmed orders! 

Why Buy from Us?

Splendid Products Limited are a small family business established over 15years. We pride ourselves in offering a personal customer service. If you call us on 01235 862540, We answer! No music and no buttons to press. Our experience in the water treatment business has enabled us to become market leaders with our Little Plumber range.

We also have a small band of excellent plumbers who might be able to install your Insignia shower for you so if you are looking for a supplier who can also install, why not give us a call? 

ALL INSIGNIA SHOWERS COME WITH A 5 YEAR GUARANTEE AND CAN BE INSTALLED BY A COMPETENT D.I.Y. PERSON. We can also recommend or perhaps supply local installers if you wish.

Free shipping on all showers to the UK mainland

Free Shipping

We provide Free Shipping to all UK Mainland locations. ( and just a little bit more for the rest of the UK)

5 Year guarantee on parts

Five Year Guarantee

Insignia Showers offer a Five Year Warranty on all parts (Terms apply)

Luxurious Steam Showers

No longer an unaffordable luxury!

5 Years parts warranty on all showers registered

5 Year Warranty

On all Parts

All parts are guaranteed for 5 years upon product registration with Insignia

Low Water Consumption

Save on Water!

Insignia electronically controlled showers are programmed to consume as little water as possible yet still give you an invigorating shower.

Uk Despatch

Fast Delivery to your door!

All our  shower units are despacted from UK warehouses and delivered by courier to your door.